How to Choose the Right Condolence Flowers for Funerals

Funerals are a delicate time for the family of the departed and thus, choosing the appropriate livrare flori cluj for such an occasion is a task that should be tread with much thought, respect, and sensitivity. Here are several things you should keep in mind when picking out condolence flowers for the mourning:

Choosing the Right Flower Arrangement

Typically, a casket spray or a wreath comes from members of the immediate family. For those not related to the family, standing sprays, hanging baskets and bouquets in vases are best, plus they are easily transportable for taking home.

Choosing Flowers Based on Gender

People often choose certain flowers depending on the gender of the recently passed individual. For example, a woman’s condolence flowers might be a mix of pastels and soft colours, while a man’s flower display has darker colours. This does not always have to be the case and it really depends on the personality of the individual and their family’s choice.

Choosing Flowers Based on Their Meaning

Lilies are a popular funeral flower, specifically the white stargazer lily. This type of lily generally symbolises sympathy when displayed in white. Stargazer lilies come in a variety of colours and can be mixed and matched depending on what you wish to convey to the recipient of the flowers. In general, all types of lilies represent innocence and purity, a beautiful message to the family of the deceased.

Roses are a popular and extremely recognisable flower. They can be dressed up in a casket spray display or dressed down in a simple vase depending on how you want the flower display to appear. It has often been said that different coloured roses represent different meanings; for example, a red rose is often noted as a romantic flower to give to your significant other. White roses are a great symbol of youthfulness and humility.

Carnations are another great flower choice for funerals. These sweet-smelling blooms represent pure love and remembrance, which is the perfect message to send to the family of the dearly departed. Not only is their message sweet, but they are very hardy flowers and they will last long after the funeral service is over. Pink carnations are often associated with Mother’s Day, so it may be best to avoid sending pink at a funeral.

Choosing Condolence Flowers for Children

Lighthearted and simple flowers such as daisies are a beautiful choice for a child’s funeral. Sometimes florists can make funeral wreaths in the shapes of children’s toys or animals. Splashes of white and pink roses are also a nice addition to a child’s casket. White lilies and chrysanthemums are also a safe bet. Chrysanthemums are actually symbolic of death in many European countries and are often only used for funerals or to put on graves. In other countries they represent lamentation and grief. A chrysanthemum is a tried and true funeral flower for any type of service, be it a young child or an elderly person.

There are many types of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from for funeral services. Sometimes it is best to remember what kind of a person you are celebrating. Perhaps your flower is choice is based on that person’s favourite colour, or maybe it happened to be their favourite type of rose in their garden. Either way, sending flowers is a beautiful way to memorialise their precious life and to symbolise their restored innocence and purity as they leave this world.